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Conscious living for School children:
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Toxin-free natural living:
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 Lakshmipraba U S | TEDxYouth@CMRPUC

Lakshmipraba aims to inspire one million people to adopt a low-waste, toxin-free lifestyle for a more environmentally friendly world, envisioning harmonious coexistence in an eco-balanced environment This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Lakshmipraba aims to inspire one million people to adopt a low-waste, toxin-free lifestyle for a more environmentally friendly world, envisioning harmonious coexistence in an eco-balanced environment This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.


The working experience was amazing and she has aligned the sessions perfectly with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and highlighting the urgency of addressing environmental issues. The listeners left feeling motivated and equipped with practical knowledge to make a positive impact on the planet.
All thanks to Lakshmi!
Our collaboration has always been a great learning experience.

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Mr. Kapil Sharma, Founder,
SayTrees Environmental Trust.

The experience was very good and the session was aligned to address the current need for conservation of Environment was well appreciated by the Employees and other participants of Toyota.
We express our formal gratitude to Ms. Lakshmipraba and look forward to having more such interactive and cross learning opportunities.

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G Keshava, General Manager, Plant Administration Division
Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd.

I came to know about Lakshmipraba’s work when she conducted a session for children on “Why chemicals are harmful” as part the Sunday kids Club I was running in my apartment.

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Venkataraman L N, Founder & CEO
Adaptive Instruction Private Ltd.

Smriti Joanne Bosco, Manager Corporate Communications and Monitoring from SayTrees talks about the session with Ms. Lakshmiprabha

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Smriti Joanne Bosco, Manager Corporate Communications and Monitoring

Lakshmiprabha is a very hard working professional. Her commitment to environmental issues and creating awareness about it is inspiring.

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Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Chief Leadership Coach
Chanakya Aanvikshiki Pvt. Ltd.

Lakshmipraba is my go-to for sustainability. Whenever we need any suggestions about garbage segregation, organic composting methods, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, zero waste function (rent a cutlery), I make sure to reach out to her…

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Murugaraj Swaminathan, Founder & MD
Go Integra Facility management Pvt Ltd and Uniservice Apartment solutions LLP

What was an acquaintance is now a life-long relationship. Ms.Lakshmiprabha is a dedicated professional who believes in her cause strongly. No wonder, she is able to offer products that are awesome yet eco-friendly.

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Lavanya Ganeshkumar, Director
EQ Universe Learning Solutions Private Limited

We are privileged to have had your expertise and we thank you wholeheartedly for sharing your wisdom. We pray and bless you so that your mission impacts people far and wide and may you touch many young lives through your book “Restoring our Mother Earth to her glory”

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Dr. Gowri Meena, MD (OG), DNB (OG), MRCOG(London, Uk)
Women's Choice Clinic, Chennai

Lakshmi’s passion and compassion made me love nature more! She has always given me the best products with the highest quality for our business events as well as for my home and personal use I highly recommend everyone to take Lakshmi’s help for gifting something to yourself or others.

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Dr Girish Kumar, Chief Healing Officer and Founder,
Author- The Marriage Mantra- 10 Guiding Principles to build a beautiful Marriage
Human Connect, Chennai, Tamilnadu

I know LakshmiPraba since 2015, she initiated and implemented various green initiatives like waste segregation, dry leaf & wet waste decompose unit, Green vegetables farming for kids all within my Apartment society with 560 houses.

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Nandakumar, IT Professional
Multinational Company, Bengaluru

Amogh got to know of Lakshmi’s passion on organic and earth friendly life practices when she worked on an event for a School. She introduced our ecofriendly organic disposable leaf cups and plates as an option to the school.

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Jayashree Vaitheeswaran, Managing Trustee
Amogh Trust

Lakshmi is passionate about environment sustainability and truly believes in empowering the next generation to become responsible citizens. Her teaching method makes these workshops enjoyable for students.

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Archana Kashyap, Co-founder

Lakshmi is a person with a clear sense of purpose and she knows how to go about it. She is highly passionate about creating a sustainable environment and has committed herself to work towards this cause. She is a keen learner and open to new ideas and lateral thinking. 

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Ranjith Rao, Ervaring
Startup Mentor, Bangalore

Lakshmi aunty is one of the most passionate people I have seen in the field of sustainability. I remember doing a project on waste management and zero waste five years ago and now looking back I don’t think it would have been possible without the constant guidance of Lakshmi aunty.

Read the full text and watch the video here

Eshita, Biomedical engineering
National University of Singapore, Singapore

Lakshmi Prabha is a dedicated, sincere human being. She is the true essence of the saying, ” practice what you preach”. I strongly recommend Lakshmi Prabha due to her leadership quality and serving for the right cause !!

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Bhuvaneshwari Panchapakesan
IT Consultant Bangalore

Lakshmi is passionate about the subject of waste and sustainability and leads by example. She has conducted many Trashonomics sessions for school children, awareness sessions in communities and corporates. Her sessions were always engaging and interesting.

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Anuradha Govind, Member

I am so grateful to Lakshmi ma’am, for her continuous efforts in this noble cause in educating and bringing THAT change which is very much required. Following her presentation, she brought about a sort of movement within our office members and myself.

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Biji, Sr. Associate
Tsystems, Bangalore

Lakshmi Ma’am inspired me to think of different ways we could reduce our carbon footprint at my school and community. From working with Lakshmi Ma’am I was able to further understand how important and urgent the climate crisis is and how widespread the issue is

Read the full text and watch the video here.

Sindhuja Ayyagari, Neuroscience Major
The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

I would heartily recommend her to any role that requires expertise in the field of sustainable waste management solutions and collaboration skills and I am sure she would shine.

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Priyamvatha Natarajan - Senior Manager
Technology and Programs, Bangalore

Lakshmi has this smiling and bold persona that attracts anyone who speaks to her. I am always grateful to  Lakshmi for all her help and guidance to not only educate my daughter but also to change my lifestyle to an eco-friendly perspective.

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Kavita, Lecturer,
Republic Polytechnic, Singapore



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