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Biomedical engineering
National University of Singapore Singapore

Lakshmi aunty is one of the most passionate people I have seen in the field of sustainability. I remember doing a project on waste management and zero waste five years ago and now looking back I don’t think it would have been possible without the constant guidance of Lakshmi aunty. When I first decided to tackle the problem of waste management in Bangalore, I was clueless as to where to start from and how to go about things.

That’s when I met Lakshmi aunty for the first time and after talking to her I was personally inspired by her work and had a clearer picture as to how to start off. I remember how she took me to Greenwood High in Bangalore for an event and showed me how they had incorporated bamboo cutlery in the stalls set up and introduced me to concepts such as composting, bio enzyme, rent-a cutlery, and many more. Lakshmi aunty also had a large network of people in this field who also helped me out a lot. I recall how aunty had helped us invite a few speakers from HSR layout to conduct a workshop on menstrual cups and cloth pads in my community. This allowed people to gain exposure and try out more sustainable options. One of the other memorable memories with aunty would be the waste management awareness campaign we had conducted in my community that involved speeches, fun games, and art competitions related to sustainability and the environment. Lakshmi aunty was the leading force who ensured that the event went smoothly and was always there to help me out. Aunty’s constant support and encouragement have been invaluable to me during the short duration of the project she helped me out with. I don’t think I would have been able to create even a tenth of the impact without her support and ideas that kept me going. Till date, I am thankful for all the help and knowledge she has shared with me.