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About us

Consumerism, they say, is the root cause of all the major problems that the world is facing today. Be it the problem of ozone depletion, or climate change, ocean plastics, or garbage dumps, the culture of convenience which has transformed our lives has also created problems that are large problems.

The concern is how to curb these activities and help the planet?

Where do we begin reversing the damage to our planet? Who shall start – the Governments, the NGOs, the Corporates, the international organizations, researchers? We are told that we haven’t even got enough time when the dangers of climate change will pan out if we don’t make drastic changes now. 

We think that the power of an individual cannot be undermined.

Let’s do our bit to nurture the planet and the people, If not us, who? And if not now, when?


To promote conscious living and enable a
low waste and toxin-free world.


  1. Bring available and accessible waste management solutions for communities.
  2. Build capacity for people to handle their programme on waste management, composting and toxin free living.
  3. Work with schools to create traction on the issues early on with children.
  4. Enable small businesses to become changemakers.
  5. Livelihood generation through clean eco services.


1. Waste-free Living2. Green Business3. Green Gifting
4. Circular economy5. Supporting Livelihoods6. Green Community