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Get a Life – Toxin free!

About the Workshop:

The workshop is about switching to toxin free living. While we are all aware of some toxins in our home environment, we may not be aware of them at all. First of all, it is important that we have to be aware of all the possible toxins we have in our environment. Then it is also important to find easy substitutes that are available. If you are deeply interested and would also like to make your own toxin free substitutes then this workshop will help you in that too. If you are not the DIY person, you will still know what goes into a toxin free substitute. 

Session Duration: 2 Hrs

Pedagogy: Experiential, Hands-on, learn by doing approach

What you will learn:

At the end of the Workshop, you would be able to spot toxins in everyday products, be armed with the substitutes that are easily available and will also be able to make a floor cleaner and a toilet cleaner from everyday household products such as citrus peel, bio enzymes, wood ash and soapnut berries. 

Guess what! The outcome is getting rid of allergies, and making foundations in solid health. 

For all the participants, a session kit in electronic medium, which provides details about the basics of toxin-free living and FAQs will be made available.

Requirement for this workshop:

Anyone above the age of 5 years

Call to all business owners such as clinics, commercial offices; corporates; resident welfare associations (RWA – villas, apartments; independent layouts), and schools. Reach out to us if you are interested in organizing these workshops.