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Conscious Living for School Children

About the Workshop:

Conscious Living for School Children is a specially curated program for Children from Grade 5-8. The program is aimed at transforming young minds about the repercussions of mixing garbage and about landfills. The solutions are explained as follows

  • How to segregate waste into 3 to 5 categories
  • How to compost Kitchen waste and how to use the compost generated and learn about Biogas
  • How to dispose dry waste responsibly and how is it handled
  • What are e waste
  • How to reduce, reuse and recycle waste

Session Duration: 2 Hrs

What you will learn:

At the end of the Workshop, participants will learn the benefit of segregating waste and characterizing waste types. The participants will also learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Requirement for this workshop:

Grade 5-8 students

Pedagogy: Problem-Solution approach

This program is designed for grassroot level penetration and sowing a seed in children for conscious consumerism by a trained master trainer on the topic by ‘The anonymous Indian trust and SWMRT’. There is a pre and post assessment survey to assess the understanding of the concepts.

There are hands-on activities in the program curriculum. The duration is one hour every week for 3 hours. Total commitment is three hours over a duration of three weeks.


  • Composting peels and observing the process
  • Burying banana peel and chocolate cover in pot with mud or on soil and observing over a month and discussing the observation
  • Papercup awareness activity to show the thin plastic layer inside
  • Mixed waste and segregated waste

Call to all business owners such as clinics, commercial offices; corporates; resident welfare associations (RWA – villas, apartments; independent layouts), and schools. Reach out to us if you are interested in organizing these workshops.