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Ms. Biji
Sr. Associate
Tsystems, Bangalore

I strongly believe that “the very first step to a sustainable life starts from us, from our own house”. But I did not know how to go about it. Hence I invited Lakshmipraba U S to our office for a guest lecture. Following her presentation, she brought about a sort of movement within our office members and myself. .Her speech on natural cleaners was an eyeopener to many of us.  

I have always lived a minimalist lifestyle. I believe and practice recycle, reuse and reduce. But it was after connecting with Lakshmi, that I got to know about the various Bioenzymes(cleaners) that we can make ourselves at home easily and live a pollution free life. 

I am happy to have made that change towards an eco-friendly alternative lifestyle shift to better my life as well as to reduce the burden on the earth.

She also spoke about carrying our own water bottles to reduce single use disposable plastic bottles and our own teacups to reduce paper cups at the office. Which we practiced until covid-19.

I personally have changed my lifestyle to composting kitchen wet waste to make manure for my home garden, carrying water bottles,avoiding paper cups usage and I always carry cloth bags to market . Today I am surely proud to say, I am happy to bring about change towards better health and better environment in my own way. My kid and my neighbors too have made that change.

I am so grateful to Lakshmi ma’am, for her continuous efforts in this noble cause in educating and bringing THAT change which is very much required.

All the very best.


Sr. Associate. Tsystems, Bangalore