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Kavita – Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

Lakshmi has this smiling and bold persona that attracts anyone who speaks to her. I reached out to Lakshmi, to help my daughter with her 1M1B initiative on the topic of waste management and sustainability. My daughter wanted to find a solution for the waste that was thrown on the roads of Bangalore, and she wanted to do some difference when she joined the 1M1B program. She was not sure, where to start and I was connected to Lakshmi through one of my friends. She was a leader in her space of saving the environment and when I heard about her work to save the environment, I was very impressed. I messaged her and met her at her home, and she received us with a very welcoming and was more than willing to help without any second thought. The amount of passion and the involvement in her work caused such a ripple effect on not only on my daughter but to our community and my friends. This ripple is continuing when I share this learning to my friends even till date.  She guided my daughter to start from home, community, and school and a government school where we can empower individuals to manage their own waste in a more sustainable way.

My daughter was able to present this work in her school and got selected to present her project to the United Nations through 1M1B. I am always grateful to  Lakshmi for all her help and guidance to not only educate my daughter but also to change my lifestyle to an eco-friendly perspective.