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Priyamvatha Natarajan – Senior Manager – Technology and Programs, Bangalore

I have worked, traveled, and interacted with Lakshmi for more than 6 years. She is one of the best professionals in the field of Sustainable Waste Management Consulting, very passionate and dedicated to caring for the environment. I have personally seen her relate to people on all levels showing empathy, delivering awareness and training programs for non-profits, local NGOs, Institutions, Educators and Students.

She had implemented the end-to-end waste segregation and management solution for our community of around 360 residents. Her extensive knowledge and research about the available waste services around Bangalore including contract providers, vendors based on transportation methods, proper handling and disposal of waste, and how they treat their employees was key for the success. She had coordinated the entire process of waste disposal, refuse collection and made sure recycling activities were run inefficient and environment-friendly way. 

Lakshmi was involved in conducting waste assessment sessions with residents, community groups, housing associations, and organizations about proper waste management techniques and helped implement appropriate solutions. 

Her main fascination and involvement have been about protecting the environment whether it was consulting for a zero-waste event in the neighborhood or co-founding a startup. Starting as a DIY project and noticing the results, she co-founded a startup making chemical-free, toxin-free household floor and toilet cleaners, natural pesticides and mosquito repellents. Her calling and her passion were towards creating a bigger impact and inspiration for society and she founded the company Prithvimitra and she is a sustainability Consultant expert. She is a no-nonsense self-motivated person who aspires to soar further with her professionalism and personal integrity. I would heartily recommend her to any role that requires expertise in the field of sustainable waste management solutions and collaboration skills and I am sure she would shine.