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Bhuvaneshwari Panchapakesan
IT Consultant, Bangalore

Lakshmi Prabha is a dedicated, sincere human being. She is the true essence of the saying, ” practice what you preach”. She had researched and created up to 10 different products using natural ingredients. She is the epitome of environmental consciousness. Through her workshops and deeds for the community, she brings in the essence of giving back to our mother earth. She has been instrumental in implementing waste segregation in the community of 400 plus houses. She has been a proponent of Reusing STP water for growing gardens. She has conducted workshops for kids during summer camps.. Also, in the covid situation, she has enabled the students of Bridges Learning Vidyalaya by conducting a workshop on Bio enzymes, which had changed the complete outlook.of the students with respect to their thought process around how to contribute to this beautiful world as an individual.

I strongly recommend Lakshmi Prabha due to her leadership quality and serving for the right cause !!.